Thursday, September 10, 2009


At last the Homecoming had been ended~
We have joy we have fun during the event, Even tought we are keep fooling by someone but we have to do it.

What i want to say ~
we are also human being ~
we should share the same right~
we should reserve same authority ~
She is so unfair to everyone ~

First of all i would like to thanks to vivian who is the Homecoming chairman who invite me to join this event.I knew a lot of new friends and this has let me learn a lot of new things.

Beside i would like to say thank a lot and sorry to the Logistic Department as " ma fan sai ".

Shihu i am so sorry to take over your booth during the carnival ~ Paiseh lar><

Wushu Club you guys need more practise especially on the group performance ~ gambateh.

It is nice. Next time hope i will be the participant ~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rest but not Stop. Money is everything

I has stop updating my blog for 8 days. Everyone need to rest in order to reach a further destination. During this 8 days, a lot of theory and things that i had realise and totally look trough their importantcy.Of course during this 8 days i also having a lot of fun.

Today is the day that my result is posted in the webside. I am so nervous to see it but fact is fact once it is posted then it wont change any more. I always believe that What belong to you then it yours, everythings is fade. Dont always expect to get a good result, what we can do is just do well in everything and just try our best to do it. When the result out, that time we will know how well we do it.
In this exam i also score with flying color. So i dint feel dissapointed.

Yesterday, i realise that the important of money. In this world everythings can settle with moeny. Without money you cant do anythings. Even other people also will look down on you.

With money you can buy education and books.
With money you can buy a sport car.
With money you can buy a mp3.
With money you can buy a big big house.
With money you can buy everythings you want.
without money you cant even survive in this world.
What make Happiness?
The answer is Money.
Money is the rules.
Without money everythings wont work at all.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old Friends Gathering
It been a long time i dint gather with my secondary school friends. This is most probabily due to the time clash with each other every time we have gathering. This time there are 6 out of 10 attend our gathering. We have our mee + egg at the stall that we always went last time . Mee + egg is the symbol of food that we ate everytime during the school time when we gathered.We went back to our secondary school after we finish our breakfast. The purpose we went back to our seondary school is to find our teachers and take our real SPM cert. Our guru disiplin scold us as too noisy in the office after get the cert and he chase us out from the office. Then we went to find our teachers, we can only meet 2 teacher that time as majority are not in office and transfer to another school. We help our class teacher distribute those presents to the others teacher. Then we go to canteen have a drink.

After that we go to find one of our member again who name Bai Yee who is working in the town. Our 1st approach , he is out for lunch. So we also go eat our lunch in a vege restaurant. We visit Bai Yee againa after we finish our lunch.

We dismiss after meeting Bai Yee.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Actual Plan

I go back to my howntown at the noon. I stop in Langkap and have my lunch in there with my cousin,Sam, and my friends Elaine, Yew Tiong and Calvin.Actually we plan to go to Penang on the next day , but it has cancel due to no transport. =...XAnyway plan always is a rough and first idea, without any plan the activity will not be done, once there is a plan at least there is the way to sucess.At night my mum dint cook but we steamboat again. The most scary things is i got to eat fishball, meatball and chicken ball again.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Farewell party with Sheong Wei

Before the party start Calvin , Yew Tiong , me and Shong Wei are cycling around the taman and we go to the westlake by car. There is so smelly and you may see a lot of dead fish during the walk on the bridge which is newly built. The rate of dead fish is 2 step per fish. We have take a lot of photo as our sweet memory. We just place our camera in every location where camera can stand on it.

After that we went back to our old house. 498. We start preparing our dinner. We had a dinner. We having ball dinner that night. Majority of the foods are fishball, meatball and chicken ball.

Beside farewell with Sheong Wei, we also welcoming 2 new housemates to the house who name Feng and Orange.At night we had open a bottle of Yew Tiong's wine. I just drink a little bit as cant stand on alcohol drink. After that i fetch 2 of them to travel around Kampar's old town and new town. We have drink in ABC Mamak stall before we back and sleep. That the end of the 1st day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day

2009 Mother;s day i think is a very memorable day for me. It not special at all. It just a normal celebration. We just buy a cake and cook smtg things in my house to celebrate it. I think that if a family can celebrate any festival together, it will be more meaningful than the happy which can bought with money.

Early in the morning , my mother had went out to da bao mee rebus for me and my brother.

Mother's Day Cake

Beside snap photos, we still sing a song for our lovely's mother.
The song which we sing is named "世上只有妈妈好".

After the potong cake ceremony, my mother is feeding each of us with a pieces of cake.

Even we are having a simple Mother's Day Celebration this year, but i Happility is out of what i expected to get.

Money can't buy the time that has pass.
Money cant' buy the happiness you belong.
Money can't buy the warm of family.
Dont miss out the happyness that you should reserve to get just because of work.


Small & Cute

This is my Father's de Cute Cute House

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I bath with god ~

Happy Wesak Day

I help our Buddha take flower's bath .
So proud of myself ~ =D

After Exam

Few days ago(7th May) , i and some of my groupmates go yum Carlsberg in Medan Gembira to celebrate the end of our exam. I drank few glass and had drunk that time.Of course we have a lot of fun topic and moment that time. The fun moment is only those who attend will know it. Haha. Now my whole body still feel so ichy ~ No drink No ichy~ Drink then so ichy =D

This is the cup that i use to drink ~ Carls

We had ordered 9 bottles= 3 buckets and free 3 tins for us

I aleady faint

After drink Carlsberg all of us also feel so hungry so we went to the mamak stall to dai dai lik eat our breakfast.

Queenie & Nic @ Hangus punya Magee Goreng

After renew @ Magee Goreng

My Mee Goreng Siam

Nic & Cutie @ Roti Telur

Cutie @ Mee Goreng Mamak Style

Jon @ nasi + telur + ayam

Ming @ Roti MAggie

We all balik rumah sendiri after that but Some of them still continue their own activities =P

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Queenie is so rich

All of you c How much she got ~!!

Post for fun =D Syiok sendiri only

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Housemate

This is my housemate. ~ From left to right Jon,Huey,Ming,Shyen and Me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ByeX2 to all my Foundation's GroupMate-TC2

Bye bye doesnt mean that we wont meet each other again. It time to enter another more advance level of life, so we got to leave each others. 正所谓“天下无不散的宴席". There is always a ending everytime we start somethings. Now, it is a end of an old life and beginning of a new life. All of you is playing a special role in my university's life. Thank again for all of your contribution,participation and cooperation with me in this 3 semesters. I keep all the photos baik baik that i collected since sem 1. Those photos will be my reminder of my memory.


Take care and keep in touch. When free just call me out yum cha~
I will miss all of you so much.

From : TC2 Class Rep

Whether Yeah || OMG

Today is my Fundamental of Finance examination day. I dont know whether how had i perform in the exam. Many of those calculation i dont know how to do. Those teories part is more terrible part for me. I hope can score C or D for this subject. Then i will feel very happy ad. I am wondering what is the result that i will receive for i had done for the past few day. Hope it wont be a dissapointed result.

1st time eat breakfast in Kampar

This is the 1st time we having breakfast in Kampar at 6 am since we had in here for so long time. The early ar is so fresh. Jon , Ming , Soon Shyen and me went to do market research. We found out that there is only 2 dim sum shop and some of the pasar stall selling drinks and foods at early in the morning 5am. We had went to Gam Leng eat our breakfast. Before that we had bought 3 different brand of newspapers. As it is too early , the dim sum that they selling is also limited.

This is my Lo Mai Gai

Soon Shyen, Ming and Jon de Big Bao

A Ming de Dan Tat

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fundamental of finance

For me , this is a very difficult subject. Tml going to exam ad but till now i stil ldont know how to use all of the formula. There is too many formula and still got teory have to memorize. It is so difficult. May GOD will five me his luck. Just hope that those topic that i had study will appear in the exam papper and those which i didn't study will not come out. ”阿佛“。

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ice Kacang + Ice

I had my dinner in wings yesterday . The wind is so cool and me ,shyen and vincent still order ice kacang as our drinks. It taste good and the feeling is 1 flow. Inside cool outside cool. What i ordered is ice kacang + ice , but the aunty dint + ice for me >< Anyways yesterday is a meaningless day for me as i played dota for the wholeday. I am wasting my time on the game. I cant play too much as another paper just around the corner. Now only i realise that the important of time. Make use of your every second. Cheer~

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just within 5 Minutes Time

Sob one of my digimon die ad ~.~ sob sob We always cant predict what will happen next second >< appreciate what belong to you everytime and be happy with it everytime when u have it.

It wont outdate

Digimon is so cute ~kawaiii

1 more to go

Yesterday, i had finished my Programming and Problem Solving exam. I feel more realive now as the burden and tension had decrease. Now i got 1 more subject to go. If you are wll prepare to the exam hall the question will seem like very eazy. If your dint prepare at all of course the exam paper will like a stranger to you. For me, exam is a motivation to us to study, if there is no exam i will less take up the book to study. This is a tradision , which aka LAST MINUTES. LAST MINUTES is a bad habit. Dont pratice so much. May GOD BLESS all those who having exam can score it with flying colour & good luck.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It so hot ~

Nowadays the weather is so hot~~~ Everyday what we need to face the 30++ celsius weather. It is so spoil mood. What can we do when the weather is so hot ? Sleep ? When we sleep in this weather it is more terrible than making love in sauna. Keep sweating non stop. It is more tired after we wake up. If got ice kacang then is so good. IF dont have ice kacang, got ice cream i also very happy ad.

The sun is so big,
The weather is so hot,
The days is still young,
Everyone is complaining ,
I am wondering when will the rain fall every minutes,
My sweat is keep flowing out from my body,
My mood is spoilt by the weather,
What can we do ?
What can we do is
Be patient and have our own fun in the hot.
as we stay in here just for a short term.
Enjoy your everyday with a positive thinking
The world will become more beautiful.

This certs is only print for our lecturer and tutor during Foundation Studies.

This picture is design by Nick Voon Kok Jiunn
The chop at right bottom is design by Shihu Jaw Jiun.
The text is edited by Teh Yew Pin and me.
The idea is generated by me.
The idea is support by whole TC2 May08 Intake.


All please remember this name. I advise you all please do not go there have your meal at this momment. Nowadays there is full with flies. It is so annoying and make me no appetite. The shop should care his hygience but not their business only. The 叉烧 in there is terrible, smell like blood and the 叉烧 sos is soy sos, so cheap plak. The 蘑菇 sos of (扒饭) is tastelss and the rice is half cooked. The 杂饭 in there also sell wth very expensive price.
If want eat 扒饭 i recognize you to go to 林记.
If want eat 杂饭, you may go 88 or 星业 .
If want eat 叉烧/烧肉/鸡肉, i would like introduce 老地方 to all of you.

Terrible play we visit once that is enought for us if there is no changes.
Money is not a problem, but what we pay is not worth what we get.
The most important is our healthy. Stay healthy in a clean environment

Mummy 21 Anniversary

25th of April is also my mum become mummy 21 years.
Of course we had prepare some presents for her.
This cake is to show our gratitude to her.
Thank you mum ^^

Sunday, April 26, 2009

RM300++ Cake

Yesterday is my brother's 21st birthday. We were celebrated in a restaurant name "Bao Long". We had our dinner there by eating 火锅自由餐. We had spent 3 hours in the restaurant to enjoy our dinner.

At 10pm, after we finished our dinner, my mother told me that i had took the wrong ice-cream cake. What she bought is 2.5kg, but what they gave me is only 1kg's ice cream cake. When evening that time, i went to the cake shop to take my brother birthday's cake. She had gave me the wrong cake. Even i had made few confirmation with the worker few times when i go took the cake.

After dinner, my mother went to the back cake shop to change the cake. Luckily the cake shop not close yet, and my mum sucessful changed a 2.5kg ice cream cake . In the same time, my brother was ban someone car outside the cake shop while reversing the car. Today the car owner called and said the repairfees need RM300 ++ as many things spoil.

The cake is RM50+ but the car's repair fees is RM300+. When total up te cake is cost rm 300 ++. What we gain a 2.5kg cake but lost RM300+ for the car repair fees. My brother's birthday told us that hen you gain something , you will lose somethings in the sametime. We cant make everythings perfect.

HAPPY 21st's BIRTHDAY to my brother : Daniel Lim

Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 hours 40 minutes

Yesterday, after i finished my dinner, i used PPS to watch a movie name 赌城大亨 which act by Andy Lau . The movie can be finished in 2 hour and 04 minute time , but i had used 3 hours and 40 minutes to finish the whole movie. I am not doing y another things at the momment. My msn is keep disconnect and my sango also cant login. What can i do just keep watching on the screen to wait it load. At last, I also 坚持的, finished it in 3 hours and 40 minutes time. What I want to say is my house's Streamyx is very very very 的 slow !! This also shows that we must be patient even it take longer time than others but we also can reach our destiny.


Friday, April 24, 2009



Thursday, April 23, 2009