Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old Friends Gathering
It been a long time i dint gather with my secondary school friends. This is most probabily due to the time clash with each other every time we have gathering. This time there are 6 out of 10 attend our gathering. We have our mee + egg at the stall that we always went last time . Mee + egg is the symbol of food that we ate everytime during the school time when we gathered.We went back to our secondary school after we finish our breakfast. The purpose we went back to our seondary school is to find our teachers and take our real SPM cert. Our guru disiplin scold us as too noisy in the office after get the cert and he chase us out from the office. Then we went to find our teachers, we can only meet 2 teacher that time as majority are not in office and transfer to another school. We help our class teacher distribute those presents to the others teacher. Then we go to canteen have a drink.

After that we go to find one of our member again who name Bai Yee who is working in the town. Our 1st approach , he is out for lunch. So we also go eat our lunch in a vege restaurant. We visit Bai Yee againa after we finish our lunch.

We dismiss after meeting Bai Yee.

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