Thursday, September 10, 2009


At last the Homecoming had been ended~
We have joy we have fun during the event, Even tought we are keep fooling by someone but we have to do it.

What i want to say ~
we are also human being ~
we should share the same right~
we should reserve same authority ~
She is so unfair to everyone ~

First of all i would like to thanks to vivian who is the Homecoming chairman who invite me to join this event.I knew a lot of new friends and this has let me learn a lot of new things.

Beside i would like to say thank a lot and sorry to the Logistic Department as " ma fan sai ".

Shihu i am so sorry to take over your booth during the carnival ~ Paiseh lar><

Wushu Club you guys need more practise especially on the group performance ~ gambateh.

It is nice. Next time hope i will be the participant ~

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