Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rest but not Stop. Money is everything

I has stop updating my blog for 8 days. Everyone need to rest in order to reach a further destination. During this 8 days, a lot of theory and things that i had realise and totally look trough their importantcy.Of course during this 8 days i also having a lot of fun.

Today is the day that my result is posted in the webside. I am so nervous to see it but fact is fact once it is posted then it wont change any more. I always believe that What belong to you then it yours, everythings is fade. Dont always expect to get a good result, what we can do is just do well in everything and just try our best to do it. When the result out, that time we will know how well we do it.
In this exam i also score with flying color. So i dint feel dissapointed.

Yesterday, i realise that the important of money. In this world everythings can settle with moeny. Without money you cant do anythings. Even other people also will look down on you.

With money you can buy education and books.
With money you can buy a sport car.
With money you can buy a mp3.
With money you can buy a big big house.
With money you can buy everythings you want.
without money you cant even survive in this world.
What make Happiness?
The answer is Money.
Money is the rules.
Without money everythings wont work at all.

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